About US

If you’re a newbie at fishing or you’re looking to have a delightful fishing experience and stay updated with trends, products in the fishing world and grow into a fishing guru, you’re in the right place.

With our fishing blog in your corner, you’ll never feel alone in your fishing expenditure, and here’s why. Our blog features crazy and beautiful personal experiences and stories of expert anglers around the world.

These experts explore all the techniques they’ve tried at fishing that both worked and failed. Trust us when we say that our blog is the only comprehensive guide you’ll ever need to grow into a better angler regardless of your current level.

Who Are We?

My name is Cory, and I run fishingsolve.com with a group of friends skilled at fishing. While some of my teammates are professional fishermen who make a robust living from fishing, the rest prefer to be called “fishing enthusiasts.” After realizing that we share a common passion for fishing and that we had so much knowledge, experience, tips, tricks, and techniques that we are confident you won’t find anywhere else in the world, we decided to start this blog. So far, it’s been an enormous success, and we’ve mentored dozens of Anglers worldwide, directly and indirectly, through this blog.

Truthfully, when we created this blog, we wanted to change how people related to fishing so they’d stop seeing it as a boring adventure. We seek to help Anglers forge a new attitude to fishing, helping them unlock new skill levels in the craft. As a result, we’ll show you practical ways that’ll aid you to always catch a fish every time you go fishing. It doesn’t matter if you need to catch a fish for money or want to have fun catching a bonefish, mackerel, etc., with friends and family.

Whatever your reason for stumbling on our blog is, we’ve got something for you. Our blog features everything about fishing, from the best fishing equipment to invest in, to the best time of day and attitude you need to catch any fish of your choice. And if you seek a comprehensive guide to get you started on your fishing journey or how to make your fishing expenditures fun-filled and exciting, we’ve got you covered on that aspect too.

Aside from showing you how to blend fishing with pleasure, we are passionate about exposing you to the latest fishing gear, especially those modified by innovative technology to simplify the fishing process. Also, we’re sure you love our collection of maps of waterways in the USA and worldwide that display the best places you can catch any fish and the type of fish you want.

We believe every Angler deserves to have an edge in fishing, so they don’t get frustrated from fishing on the wrong side of the ocean or in the wrong season or time of day. With our tips, tricks, techniques, advice, and recommendations, every Angler would always have a big catch whenever they go fishing, boosting their confidence in the process.

On a larger scale, our goal is to encourage more people to indulge in outdoor activities, especially by pairing fishing with other activities like camping. The benefit of encouraging more people to indulge in outdoor activities is to improve their general well-being and help them connect with their true selves, family, friends, and the environment.

The Perfect Fishing Equipment and Products

Aside from building your skills, love for the art of fishing, and confidence, another critical aspect of great fishing are the tools and products you deploy. Without the right set of fishing equipment, tools, and adequate knowledge on how to make these tools work for you, your fishing expenditures might be filled with average results and epic fails.

That’s why we also take out time to alert and give you practical and detailed reviews, recommendations, tips, and tricks on the latest and best fishing equipment, tools, and products on the market. The result? You would never invest in the wrong equipment as our reviews would expose and help you identify which equipment and products are fluff and which ones are effective.

Also, we show you how best to use these products with detailed step-by-step processes that are easy to understand and relatable. Trust me; newbie or not, you would never walk alone in your fishing journey with us by your side.