3 Best Electric Crab Pot Puller | Which One Save For Crabbing

Hauling crabs or prawns up from deep water is extremely hard and requires more physical struggle. Some recreational crabbers prefer to haul their traps in by hand, but most professional fishermen tend to use electric crab pot pullers.

Serious crabber always loves the electric pullers for their well-constructions and amazing design. They are made to complete the task faster and save time with no more effort. These will be useful if you get yourself out on the water and can be bought for inexpensively than you would think.

This post will review 3 of the best electric crab pot pullers available for professional and recreational use. All pot pullers can be ideal for a range of different pot types.

Check Our Top Three Electric Crab Pot Pullers Below:

  • Best for faster line pulling: Trac Outdoors Line Hauler / Crab Pot Puller
  • Best for lighter crab pots: Scotty 2500 Electric Line Trap and Crab Pot Puller
  • Best for heavier crab pots: Power Hauler Crab Pot Puller

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Best Electric Crab Pot Puller Review

Here are our top listed the best electric crab pot puller.

1. Trac Outdoors Line Hauler / Crab Pot Puller

Trac Outdoors Line Hauler / Crab Pot Puller

Quick Features:

  • Motor power: 12V
  • Retrieval speed: 150 feet per minute
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Handles line: 3/16″ to 5/16uu” line
  • Trap capacity: 110 pound
  • Warranty:2-years

Next up, the Trac Outdoor Line Hauler is a wonderful choice when searching for a recreational unit that can be operated easily. This post puller is a powerful and long-lasting one that is competent to haul one crab trap and three prawn traps at one time easily.

The package of this unit arrives with all accessories that need for mounting. And so, you don’t need to purchase any extra parts separately. Though this puller is pretty weighty than some other options, it is fantastic for a higher range of quality. 

Manufacturer says – “We think we offer this unit with overall great quality and amazing puller for crabbing. We know our customers always love lightweight units that can be installed effortlessly, and we present them with all requirements. It is powerful sufficient for hauling the crabs depending on the user’s need.”

Expert says, “I have been using it for last four years, and it is my lovely and only tool in my boat. This puller performs great, and I can easily complete my task without making me tired. It is exactly hassle-free, and I enjoy it very much.”- Andrew, USA.

Reasons to Buy
  • It is very simple to fit.
  • Lightweight feature facilities it’s transport and storage
  • It offers great value for money
  • It made from a heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • This unit is corrosion-resistant
Reasons to Avoid
  • Some people report that it is pretty tough to mount on or off the boat.
  • A few users feel trouble hauling it outside of the water.

2. Scotty 2500 Electric Line Trap and Crab Pot Puller

Quick Features:

  • Motor power: 12V
  • Retrieval speed: 120 feet per minute
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Handles line: ¼” to 3/8″ line
  • Trap capacity: 100 pound
  • Warranty:2-years

The Scotty products are ideally fit for fishing or boating. Since 1954 this manufacturer has delivered reliable different fishing items in the market. All products are safe and easy for your boat. 

The Scotty crab pot puller is one of them, and it is the ultimate crab trap pulling machine which is also the first choice for the crabbers. It is ideal for beginner or experience-level crabbers who can handle their largest loading easily without any hassle.  

Manufacturer says – “We are very sure about the configuration quality of this electric pot puller. It is an outstanding consistent pot puller and very simple to install. Anyone can operate it using its easy access on/off switch. The pulling process of it is quick and quiet.”

Experts say, “Some professional fishermen of the USA explain that we love this Scotty 2500 line puller and testing it out in Bay pulling Dungeness crab over 140ft deep. Got limits but using the Scotty line puller we did it without breaking any sweat.” – John Alex Paul

Reasons to Buy
  • Compact design for suitable storage system
  • Reliable and well-constructed
  • The unit can pull in line very quickly
  • More commercial and professional pot puller
Reasons to Avoid
  • It will be tougher to handle boats whose line puller arm is short.
  • The pot size of this unit is enough for the recreational trap but not for larger commercial traps.

3. Power Hauler Crab Pot Puller

Quick Features:

  • Motor power: 12V
  • Retrieval speed: 120 feet per minute
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Handles line: ¼” to 3/8″ line
  • Trap capacity: 200lbs

Third and last one of the best electric crab pot pullers is the Power Hauler crab pot puller. The Power Hauler is a well-known manufacturer as the provider of fishing products. Professional fishermen like their design for the heaviest loads.

This puller can pull the highest load, making it ideal for commercial use. It is constructed to be maintenance-free in spite of hauling heavier payloads.    

Manufacturer says – “Our aim is to supply the product for commercial use, and they need such a unit to cover heavy-duty tasks. This crab trap puller is just like them, and it is capable of handling heavier load easily.”

Expert says, “I purchased the Power Hauler three years ago. I absolutely love it for hand-off hauling. I just install the line, turn it on, and then move to work with it. It is very easy to assemble and can be handled easily.” – Alasgun.  

Reasons to Buy
  • Highest pulling capacity
  • Simple design to operate
  • Durable and compact
  • Perfect for commercial and professional use
  • Safeguarding use
Reasons to Avoid
  • Many professional crabbers feel that it is very expensive.

Buying Guide: Best Electric Crab Pot Puller

Buying guide section is very useful to help you which part introduces you to the key fact to choose the best product easily. Thousand and hundreds of products confuse you, and it needs to take a lot of time searching. To make you save from those hazardous situations, here have some essential facts.

Lifting capacity

When you are ready to buy a puller for catching crabs, you must consider the lifting capacity first. It is most important for the electric crab pot puller. When the pots become flooded and loaded with crabs, they get pretty heavy, which means you need a powerful puller to retrieve them.

On the other hand, if you have a plan to harvest the crab pots outside of free water, you need a heavy duty to manage the current. Normally, a hundred-pound lifting capacity will be enough to harvest a recreational pot through slack water.


Your crab davit needs to bear a powerful construction that can withstand ecological conditions with minimum damage. The most commonly used materials in creation davits are stainless steel and aluminum, which provide long-lasting without heavy.        

Line Hauling Speed

The hauling speed is when your crab pot puller will pull in the line. Most recreational line haulers will have a speed of 120ft to 150ft per minute. If you are seeking for faster a commercial will more suitable. 


Weight is more significant if you mount the pot puller to a small boat. Most recreational crab pot pullers will range from 10lbs to 30lbs, with a few lighter or heavier than that.

Motor power

The motor’s output can significantly determine how fast or easily the electric crab puller can draw in the traps. Most pullers in the market are constructed with a powerful electric motor, including a 12-volt motor.


It isn’t a surprise the sea will be harsh on metal so, you would like to make sure that the pot puller you can select won’t rust or decay from use.

The ideal pick is a puller constructed from aluminum, so; it will be long-lasting and lightweight. You have to check even with the manufacturer that needs to be made sure it can hold up under the circumstance.


Thank you for what size you want the crab davit to be. The size of the davit links honestly to the ease of conveying and storage after usage.   


We ensure to check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty or not on the product you have decided to purchase. Most trusted manufacturers offer a 1 or 2 years warranty on their electric pot pullers. 

How To Build A Crab Pot Puller

A crab pot puller is a useful device that helps you easily remove the crab’s pot from the water. There are various types of crab pot pullers, like manual and electric. You can purchase them, but if you want to save money without spending a single penny on this simple device, you can make it.

For this, you need some materials and an appropriate guide. Here we will show you the simplest way to get a homemade electric crab pot puller.

Materials What You Need:

Directions (Step By Step):

  1. First, cut the PVC pipe into two pieces; each should be 4 feet long.
  2. Now drill holes in the midpoint of the two pieces of two pipes.
  3. The holes need to be drilled around 6-inch from the top and around 3-inch from the bottom of the pipe. This is the perfect zone where the wire will move from the battery to the motor.
  4. Attach the motor to the two pieces of PVC pipes.
  5. Ensure the propeller is centering on the downsides.
  6. Then attach the battery to the motor.
  7. Use a wire to link both the positive terminals of the battery and the motor.
  8. Finally, make the last link of both negative terminals of the battery and the motor. Your electric crab pot puller is ready to use. Try it in your next crab-haunting journey!

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Crab pot pullers are allowed for other traps?

Yes, you can use crab pot pullers with other traps.

Which one do you have to use, a manual or electric pot puller?

Of course, the manual or electric both types of puller crab pot puller you can use. But for a heavy project, we recommend using an electric crab pot puller.

When have you to pull in the crab traps?

Actually, waiting more than 36 hours isn’t a good idea for you. If you are using your crab rings and collapsible traps, you need to pull the traps every 30-minutes to at least 2-hours.

How do you use the electric pot puller?

The use of an electric crab pot puller is very easy than a manual one. If your puller’s motor power is very strong, you can handle this device by setting it on your boat with less effort.

Which pot puller is the low-priced?

There is a lot of the best pot puller in the market. But from our list, you can pick “Trac Outdoors Line Hauler / Crab Pot Puller” as the best and cheapest. 

Wrap up!

Of the best three electric crab pot pullers on our list, we would like to recommend the Trac Outdoors Line Hauler and Crab Pot Puller as the overall best, even for the money.

But if you are a commercial crabber and don’t have any financial issues, we suggest you pick the Scotty 2500 Electric Line Trap and Crab Pot Puller.

Now it’s your turn and gets one to enjoy your next journey.

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