Secure Your Kayak: The 5 Best Kayak Locks Of 2023 for Peace of Mind

Kayaking is an amazing outdoor activity that lets you explore beautiful waterways and immerse yourself in nature. However, when you’re not on the water, it’s important to keep your kayak safe and secure to prevent theft. A high-quality kayak lock can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time on the water and not worry about the safety of your equipment.

Best Kayak Lock Reviews Of 2023

We’ve reviewed the 5 best kayak locks for you to choose from. These locks are designed to keep your kayak and gear safe from theft, and they are made from durable materials to provide reliable and long-lasting security.

Whether you’re storing your kayak in your garage, leaving it unattended in public areas, or securing it to your vehicle for transportation, these kayak locks will provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy your kayaking experience to the fullest.

Here are the 5 best kayak locks that you can consider:

1: DocksLocks Coiled Security Cable Lock for Kayaks

DocksLocks Coiled Security Cable Lock for Kayaks

The DocksLocks Coiled Security Cable Lock is an excellent option for securing kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, and other outdoor equipment. The unique design of the cable makes it easy to thread through tight spaces like kayak scupper holes, which is a huge plus. It’s available in various lengths, but I tested the 10ft version, and it was perfect for my needs.

The marine grade stainless steel construction and vinyl coating make the cable weatherproof, which is a must-have feature for any outdoor gear. It’s also resistant to scratches, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your equipment. However, it’s essential to rinse the locking mechanism with fresh water when exposed to salt water and lubricate it periodically.

Setting the 4-digit code on the resettable combination lock is easy and keyless. It’s a fantastic convenience and saves you from the hassle of carrying a key with you. The coiled design of the cable makes it easy to store and prevents any excess cable from dragging.

Overall, the DocksLocks Coiled Security Cable Lock is a great investment if you’re looking for a reliable way to secure your kayaks, bikes, or any other outdoor gear. It’s weatherproof, easy to use, and the unique design makes it a standout option in the market. I highly recommend it.

2: Master Lock 8418D

Master Lock 8418D

The Master Lock 8418D is a versatile outdoor lock that can be used to secure a range of items, including bikes, tools, job boxes, kayaks, and trail cameras. The lock features an adjustable cable that can be tightened to fit securely around the item being secured, making it difficult for thieves to cut or tamper with.

The cable is made from braided steel, which offers a good balance between strength and flexibility, while the rust-resistant lock and vinyl coating provide protection against the elements. At 6 feet long and 5/16 inches in diameter, the cable is long enough to secure most outdoor items.

One feature that sets the Master Lock 8418D apart from other cable locks is its patented locking mechanism. This mechanism allows the cable to be held tight at any position, ensuring a perfect fit around the item being secured. The lock comes with two keys, so you’ll have a backup in case one is lost.

Overall, the Master Lock 8418D seems like a solid choice for anyone looking to secure their outdoor equipment. Its adjustable cable, braided steel construction, and patented locking mechanism make it a versatile and reliable option. However, it’s always a good idea to measure the dimensions of the items you want to secure to ensure the cable lock will fit properly.

3: BV 15FT Security Steel Cable Lock

BV 15FT Security Steel Cable Lock

The BV 15FT Security Steel Cable Lock is a heavy-duty cable lock that is designed to provide maximum strength and cut resistance. Its braided steel construction with 7 braided steel cables makes it one of the strongest security cables on the market. The cable has a diameter of 3/8 inches (10mm), which is thicker than many other kayak lock cables and provides added security.

The cable is 15 feet (480 cm) long, making it long enough to secure multiple items at once, such as kayaks, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, patio grills, garbage cans, gates, outdoor furniture, market carts, signboards, camping gear, and other large equipment.

The BV Security Cable is double-looped at both ends, making it compatible with a variety of locks, including padlocks, U-locks, and disc locks. This versatility means that you can use the cable to secure your equipment in a range of situations.

The cable features a rust-protective vinyl coating that not only provides protection against scratches but also increases the cable’s durability and lifespan. The reinforced cuff over the crossbar and cylinder adds an extra layer of security and makes it more difficult for thieves to break the lock.

Overall, the BV 15FT Security Steel Cable Lock is a reliable and versatile cable lock that offers excellent cut resistance and strength. The ability to choose from four different sizes (4 ft, 7 ft, 15 ft, and 30 ft) means you can find the perfect length for your needs. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty cable lock that can secure a range of outdoor equipment, the BV Security Cable is definitely worth considering.

4: Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock for Kayaks

Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock for Kayaks

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile lock to secure your kayak or other watercraft, the Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock is definitely worth considering. With a length of 20 feet and a diameter of 6mm (1/4 inch), this vinyl-sheathed galvanized steel cable is strong enough to deter even the most determined thief.

What’s great about this cable lock is its versatility. You can use it to secure kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, surfboards, or any other craft up to 18 feet long. It’s compatible with cradles, roof racks, wall mounts, or any solid anchor point, so you can use it in a variety of situations.

The vinyl sheath not only protects the cable from corrosion but also prevents scratches to your craft and vehicle. This is important, as you don’t want to damage your expensive kayak or your car’s paint job while securing your craft.

One thing to note is that the lock is not included, so you will need to purchase a separate lock that is compatible with the cable. However, this gives you the flexibility to choose the lock that best suits your needs.

Overall, the Seattle Sports Cradle Cable Lock is a great investment for any kayak or watercraft owner who wants to ensure the security of their equipment. It provides peace of mind knowing that your craft is protected from theft, while the vinyl sheath ensures that it is also protected from damage.

5: Kanulock Lockable Reinforced Tie Down Straps

Kanulock Lockable Reinforced Tie Down Straps

The Kanulock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps are an excellent solution for anyone looking for secure transportation of their boards or kayaks. These straps are very easy to use and offer a significant improvement in security over traditional tie downs.

One of the most notable features of these straps is the key lockable buckles. This feature provides an extra layer of security for your gear, ensuring that it cannot be easily taken by someone else. Additionally, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables, making them nearly impossible to cut with a knife.

Another advantage of these straps is that they can be positioned to prevent your boards or kayaks from being slid forward or backward out of the straps. This is accomplished by positioning the widest part of your gear between the front and back straps, making it impossible for anyone to slide it out.

In addition to their security features, these straps are also very easy to use. They function just like regular tie downs, so there is no need to learn any new techniques. The straps are also designed to make less wind noise than traditional tie downs, which can be a significant advantage when traveling long distances.

Overall, the Kanulock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to transport their boards or kayaks safely and securely. They are easy to use, offer superior security, and are built to last.

Buying Guide Of Best Kayak Locks

If you’re in the market for a kayak lock, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing the best kayak lock:

Type of lock:

There are various types of locks available, including cable locks, strap locks, and padlocks. Consider the type of kayaking you’ll be doing and the level of security you need when choosing the type of lock.


The length of the lock will depend on the size of your kayak and the locking points available. Make sure to measure your kayak and the available locking points before choosing a lock.


Kayak locks are made from different materials, including steel and aluminum. Consider the durability and weather resistance of the materials used in the lock, especially if you’ll be kayaking in harsh weather conditions.

Locking mechanism:

There are various locking mechanisms available, including combination locks and key locks. Consider which type of locking mechanism is more convenient and secure for your needs.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose the best kayak lock to keep your kayak secure and give you peace of mind while kayaking.


Securing your kayak is crucial to ensure its safety, and investing in a reliable kayak lock can give you peace of mind while you’re away. Whether you opt for a cable lock, a coiled lock, or a lockable tie-down strap, each of the products mentioned in this article offers unique features and benefits to fit your specific needs. Take the time to consider the type of lock that suits your requirements and budget, and make an informed decision that will keep your kayak safe and sound, ready for your next adventure.

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