4 Best Marine Gauges For Customizing Your Dash

For marine vessels, gauges are one of the core units that helps the captain to make necessary decisions depending on the reading they get. Therefore, choosing the right unit is inevitable. But what are the best marine gauges available in the market?

Most people consider only the outlook while buying gauges for boats or other vessels as they have little knowledge about the product. However, there are other essential features like frame size, monitor visibility, and engine compatibility to consider. Durability and system design are also crucial.

To help you out with your next gauge set, I’ve come up with my 4 favorite marine gauges (both analog and digital) in this post. Let’s head into the review straight.

4 Best Marine Gauges Review

I’ve organized my shortlist from some of the top aftermarket marine product manufacturing brands like MMR, Sierra, and Faria. Start with the first review below.

1. MOTOR METER RACING EVO Series 6 Gauge Set


Key Specifications

  • Speedometer and Tachometer: 3.38 inches
  • Volt, Water, Oil, Fuel: 2 inches
  • Display Type: LCD 
  • Color Mode: 4 (red, blue, green, white)
  • Brightness Level: 6

Motor Meter Racing is a Taiwan-based gauge manufacturing company. After its inception in 2022, now, the brand has spread to over 66 countries with 100+ product categories. 

The EVO series is one of their trendy lines. If you want to give your boat dock a vintage look, this MMR gauge set is worthy of your investment. The set comes with a speedometer, tachometer, water, fuel, oil pressure, and volt meter. 

My first reason to add this Evo series to this best marine gauges review is the universality of each unit. The manufacturer added multiple adjustment features to give you the utmost flexibility.

For example, all gauges come in with 4 dimmer settings, which allows you to change the color according to your dash design and preference. 

You can adjust the LCD monitor display brightness level (6 settings.) So, whether it’s day or night light, you can keep the display always readable.

When it comes to in-dash gauges, I prefer a daisy-chain wire setup as they don’t cause tangling like regular wiring. Fortunately, the Evo gauge set also has the same wiring style. 

If comparing the feature with the price tag, this marine gauge set surely deserves your attention.

2. Sierra International Arctic 4 Gauge Outboard Set

Sierra International Arctic 4 Gauge Outboard Set

Key Specifications

  • Speedometer and Tachometer: 3 inches
  • Volt, Fuel: 2 inches
  • Color: White
  • Display Type: Analog 
  • Scratch Resistant 

Sierra has been one of the pioneers in aftermarket marine products for 56 years. The brand has a diverse portfolio, including volt, fuel, depth finder, system check meter, etc., mostly tagged with a premium price.

However, after giving a close look at this Arctic 4-gauge set, I think they justified the price with some high-quality products.

Unlike regular gauges, all Arctic meters have scratch-resistant lenses. Also, note that these are the domed lens. Therefore, there won’t be any aberrations in the reading if water splashes on the screen.

Although these are analog displays, the enhanced lighting through the dial and perimeter helps you get an easy reading during the night. Another good trait is it’s comparably easier to install than the Evo Series. 

Comparing the durability standard, it’s the best deal in this price range, obviously, if you’re okay with the analog display.

3. Faria Beede Instruments KT9797 Gauge Boxed Set

Faria Beede Instruments KT9797 Gauge Boxed Set

Key Specifications

  • Speedometer and Tachometer: 4 inches
  • Volt, Fuel, Water, Oil Pressure: 3.88 inches
  • Color: White
  • Display Type: Analog 
  • Scratch Resistant

Faria Beede Instrument is the oldest company among all marine gauge brands. Once, the company used to manufacture tachometers for Ford Motors for their automobiles. So, you can surely trust their products. 

And the same goes for this 6-set gauge set. The complete gauge kit comes with 1 speedometer, 1 tachometer, 1 volt, 1 oil, 1 fuel, and 1 temperature reading meter. 

Each of the meters is built with a white-coated aluminium frame. Hence, you can expect to use them for decades without any rust and corrosion. 

To save the meter from water splash, they have glass protection on the front. However, these are not sturdy enough. 

The manufacturer followed a straightforward design that doesn’t add a vintage or modern dash look. Because of the white screen and bold black fonts, it gives a relatively clean outlook. 

Some customers complained about inaccurate reading. But it’s nothing but manufacturing defects in some units.

4. SeaStar 68388P Sierra International Arctic 6-Gauge Set

SeaStar 68388P Sierra International Arctic 6-Gauge Set

Key Specifications

  • Speedometer and Tachometer: 3 inches
  • Volt, Fuel, Water, Oil: 2 inches
  • Color: White
  • Display Type: Analog 
  • Not-scratch Resistant

If you want to replace your complete gauge system, this Arctic 6-piece set is another excellent option. It also came from the well-known brand Sierra, which I mentioned earlier.

Whether you want to measure oil pressure, coolant temperature, speed, or fuel, this kit is an all-in-all solution. It’s also the most expensive gauge kit on the list.

The set includes all the essential meters to measure speedo, tacho, volt, fuel, oil, and water level. You can lower your installation stress as the pitot tube comes assembled.

Overall, this gauge set is a perfect deal for accuracy and an easy installation process. However, there’s no LED light on the analog display. Therefore, the low-light visibility is a bit tough. 

Unlike the Sierra 4-set gauge kit, this one is specifically designed for only outboards. So, consider this before you purchase.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Marine Gauge

Before buying a marine gauge, you need to consider a few aspects. For instance

Frame Size

The first thing you need to consider is the gauge diameter that must match the hole size of your dash. Also, check whether it’s designed for an inboard or outboard dash before ordering your next gauge meter.

Engine Compatibility

Marine gauges are usually manufactured for sterndrive, OptiMaxes, and four-stroke engines. If it’s a universal marine gauge, it’s supposed to work with all engine models. 

But if it’s a typical reading meter, it may not work with incompatible engines. Hence, check your engine features before placing an order.

Built Material

It’s needless to mention that your marine gauge will go through a lot of sunburns and water splashes throughout its lifespan. Therefore, it’s wise to choose one with durable built material. 

For example, aluminium gauges tend to last longer than steel-made ones. Also, a good gauge should’ve scratch-resistant glass. 

Analog or Digital Display 

Choosing between analog or digital gauge monitors solely depends on your preference. If you want to achieve a vintage look, analog monitors seem to be a good match. 

LCD dials are great for low-light reading visibility. Nowadays, some analog gauges also come with indicator lights to provide adequate night-time visibility.


Q: What are the essential marine gauges every boat should have?

A: Essential marine gauges typically include a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and voltmeter. These gauges provide critical information about your boat’s engine and performance.

Q: Are digital or analog marine gauges better?

A: The choice between digital and analog marine gauges depends on personal preference and the specific requirements of your boat. Digital gauges offer precise readings and often have additional features, while analog gauges are known for their simplicity and reliability.

Q: What is NMEA 2000 compatibility, and why is it important in marine gauges?

A: NMEA 2000 is a standardized communication protocol used in marine electronics. Marine gauges with NMEA 2000 compatibility can easily share data with other NMEA 2000 devices on your boat, creating a seamless network for monitoring and control.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, to me, the Evo Series 6-piece kit is one of the best marine gauges in the market if you like contemporary design. It has all the modern features to give you a more comfortable reading experience.

And if you prefer a traditional look yet want to get the maximum durability, Faria’s inboard gauge set is a comparably better deal.

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