Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke Reviews & Buying Guide

Propellers are what keep boats at their peak performance. However, not all boat motors come with an extra prop or offer repair/replacement services for the existing prop. When push comes to shove, is buying a prop from the same brand worth it?

You don’t need to find an original prop for your Mercury 115 4 Stroke motor, in fact, there are many dupes that work just as well at significantly lower prices.

We’ve compiled the following list of the 4 best prop for Mercury 115 4 Stroke according to the averaged results from numerous consumer reviews.

First, we’ll be going through the reviews, then do a quick buying guide to help you make your pick.

Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke Reviews

From all the reviews we’ve studied, we only picked out the props that are of excellent quality and are also affordable. Here is what we’ve gathered –

1. Qiclear 48-77344A45 Upgrade OEM Aluminum Outboard Mercury Propeller

Qiclear 48-77344A45 Upgrade OEM Aluminum Outboard Mercury Propeller

Our top pick is the Upgrade OEM Aluminum Outboard Mercury 115 prop from Qiclear. We’ve selected this as the best among our other options because of all the praise surrounding its performance.

This prop can run on a motor as low as 70hp to a maximum of 125hp. It is able to carry out this performance due to its internal cylinder which thrusts out water at a stronger force compared to other props and pushes the boat forwards.

The 13 1/4 diameter x 17 pitch propeller is able to withstand high pressures underwater due to its durable build. Not only is the prop itself made of high quality aluminum, but it is also heat treated, meaning that it is resistant to damage.

Moreover, this prop works to reduce pressure on your motor. It does so by using its strong water thrusting cylinder to push the boat forwards, resulting in less fuel consumption by your boat. This also protects your engine from overheating and experiencing wear and tear.

Lastly, this propeller is easy to install and comes with Flo-Torq II Hub Kits so that you can install it yourself. It’s a perfect fit for any Mercury Outboard engines ranging from 60 to 115 hp.

2. Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Second on our list is the Spitfire 4 blade prop from Mercury Marine. This prop is much faster than regular 3 blade propellers, which makes it a great addition to your Mercury 115 4 Stroke.

With its 4 blade build, this propeller is able to gather more force compared to regular 3 blade props and spin up to 25% faster. The high rake blade design also helps with acceleration, which helps to push the boat forward with little fuel consumption.

Additionally, the extra cup helps to hold the propeller in place as well as increase speed. Altogether, there are three external features of this prop which elevate its acceleration, resulting in more fuel being saved.

The Mercury Spitfire 4 Blade comes with Flo-Torq II Hub System which cushions the engine so that it doesn’t suffer irreversible damage after a collision. It is compatible with all types of engines ranging from 75HP to 125HP, and consumers have recommended it as the best prop for Mercury 115 Pro XS.

3. SouthMarine 48-77344A45 Outboard Propeller Mercury Marine

SouthMarine 48-77344A45 Outboard Propeller Mercury Marine

According to many consumer reviews, the Outboard Propeller from SouthMarine is the best-fitting 115 Mercury prop after the original props from Mercury itself. It’s easy to install, it carries out a good speed, and it’s very affordable in comparison to other props.

Even though it has 3 blades, this propeller is able to work with a wide range of engines, ranging from 60HP to 125HP. It does not get weighed down by surrounding water pressure and therefore does not consume a lot of fuel.

If you’re looking for a spare prop or a backup prop, the Outboard Propeller is the best option. Its installation process is very easy, which makes it convenient for emergency purposes.

This 13.25″x17″ prop fits easily onto almost any Mercury boat engine. It comes with a complete parts kit which helps you to assemble the propeller and attach it to the engine in simple steps.

However, our only gripe with this prop is that it’s made of aluminum alloy, which makes it less durable than most props and might even be prone to breaking.

4. Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller

To conclude our list for the best prop for Mercury 115 4 stroke is the Qiclear Marine Propeller from Quickcruiser. It is the most secure and high-quality prop we’ve come across, and is almost a perfect dupe to the original.

The prop itself has a 13 3/4 diameter with a 15 spline tooth, which makes it a secure fit on your boat’s 4 stroke engine. This prop also has 3 blades, which are made of high-quality aluminum. So, you don’t have to worry about the blades suddenly breaking off.

This prop is compatible with engines that are of 60HP to 125HP, which means it is able to withstand the pressure underwater and propel your boat forwards without slowing down. Plus, it also prevents excess fuel consumption.

Quickcruiser has manufactured the Qiclear Marine propeller to increase acceleration and prevent wearing out the engine. This propeller is also highly durable, which makes it a good long-term investment.

Lastly, the prop also comes with everything you need for installation. This includes anything from a nut to an interchangeable hub.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Prop For Mercury 115 4 Stroke

Now that we’ve gone through all of our picks, you’re one step closer to making the purchase. However, you need to be careful while making your pick as all props available online are not good quality.

Here are some things you should consider when looking for the best prop for Mercury 115 4 stroke –

Blade Count

A propeller with a 3 to 4-blade count is best for general use.

These types of props have better lift, water displacement capability, and grip, which provide an overall smooth boating experience.

Most people go for 3 to 4-blade propellers because of their quietness. Propellers with a low blade count beat against water and produce a distinct sound, which can cause distractions and be an inconvenience during some activities, such as fishing.

However, when looking for a 3 or 4-blade prop, you should make sure the blades are at an angle, which beats back against water pressure effectively.


If you want your prop to last for a long time, you need to prioritize durability. Plus, flimsy props can be dangerous as well, so it’s best to be safe and pick a damage resistant prop.

Most propellers are made of aluminum. There are several kinds of aluminum that are classified into different grade levels. For instance, the highest strength of aluminum alloy is grade 7075 aluminum, which is used in spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft.

You don’t need to look for aluminum props that are this strong, but you should go as high on the grade scale as you can.

High grade aluminum is resistant to corrosion and does not bend under pressure. Unlike other materials, aluminum is both durable and lightweight, which means there will not be any drag on your boat’s engine.

Plus, aluminum props are inexpensive, so you can have them replaced frequently.


You can easily tell how effective a propeller is from the way it fits onto your boat’s motor. If it moves from side to side, it’s probably going to fall off during use.

During high-speed cruising, if the propeller gets stuck frequently or slows down, it’s causing excess fuel consumption. Again, this also depends on how many blades there are, how the blades are angled, and how thin they are.

You should also avoid props that do not prevent ventilation and cavitation. These will not only slow your boat down, but can damage your boat’s motor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are 4 blade props better than 3?

A: In general, the lower the number of blades there are on your prop, the better the efficiency. This is because more blades decrease efficiency by producing drag on the motor and causing more fuel consumption.

So, a 3-blade prop is better than a 4-blade prop in terms of speed. However, a 4-blade prop can give maximum thrust and a smooth cruising experience.

Q: What size propeller should I use for my Mercury 115 4-stroke?

A: The size of the propeller for a Mercury 115 4-stroke outboard motor will depend on factors such as boat size, weight, and intended use. Generally, a 13.25-inch diameter propeller with a pitch in the range of 17-19 inches is a good starting point. However, it’s best to consult with an expert to get precise recommendations.

Q: How much speed do you lose with a 4-blade prop?

A: Switching from a 3-blade prop to a 4-blade prop can slow down your boat by roughly 5%.

Q: What prop pitch makes a boat go faster?

A: A high prop pitch will make your boat go faster, whereas a lower prop pitch will maximize thrust.

Q: What is an advantage of the aluminum prop?

A: Aluminum props are very inexpensive compared to other prop types and are suitable for regular and general use.

Q: Are there any Mercury-branded propellers specifically designed for the Mercury 115 4-stroke outboard?

A: Yes, Mercury offers a range of propellers designed to work optimally with their outboard motors, including the Mercury 115 4-stroke. These propellers are engineered to provide excellent performance and efficiency. You can inquire about Mercury-branded propeller options at your local Mercury dealer.

Q: Can I install a higher-pitched propeller for better top-end speed with my Mercury 115 4-stroke?

A: Installing a higher-pitched propeller can potentially increase top-end speed, but it may also affect low-speed performance and acceleration. It’s crucial to strike a balance that suits your boating style. Consulting with a professional can help you make an informed decision on propeller pitch adjustments.

Q: Is it possible to install a hydrofoil or stabilizer along with a new propeller for better performance?

A: Yes, you can install a hydrofoil or stabilizer in conjunction with a new propeller to enhance your boat’s performance. These accessories can help improve planning, stability, and fuel efficiency. Consult with a marine expert to ensure compatibility and proper installation.


To wrap up our information, the Qiclear 48-77344A45 is the best prop for Mercury 115 4 stroke from all the propellers we have reviewed. This prop helps to accelerate your boat, reduce fuel consumption, and help your motor last longer.

Take a look through our buying guide, if you haven’t already, to be informed on what you need to know when looking for a new prop.

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