5 Best Saltwater Washdown Pump With Buying Guide

Grit and grime are always a common recurrence for anyone who owns a boat or any kind of watercraft. A good washdown pump can take down all the gunk from a deck in seconds, but only the best saltwater washdown pump can leave it spotless.

In order for boats to be thoroughly clean, you need to use a water pump that has high speed, a high PSI rating, multiple protection features, durable build, and of course, a noise-free unit to tie it all together.

Not every pump you see at the store is going to have all of these features, but with our list, you don’t even have to look.

In the following list, we’ve put together the top 5 saltwater washdown kits that were highly praised by consumers all around the world. And to ensure you get to decipher which device meets your needs the most, we’ve also included a short buying guide.

5 Best Saltwater Washdown Pump

Since a good washdown pump is a necessity for every watercraft owner, we’ve made sure to only select the options with both quality and affordability. Here are our top 5 picks for the best saltwater washdown pump–

1. Happybuy RV Water Pump for Boats

Happybuy RV Water Pump for Boats

At top spot on our best washdown pump for saltwater list is the Happybuy RV water pump which runs at high pressure of a whopping 70 PSI, and sprays at a speed of 5.5 gallons each minute. With this speed and pressure, you can get rid of stubborn debris in seconds.

To bring the pump to life, all you need to do is turn the nozzle which then makes the pump self-activate the automatic pressure switch controller. This advanced marine-grade controller helps to make the cleaning experience more satisfying.

Furthermore, to make cleaning stress-free, the pump features an anti-UV 25’ coiled hose, a trigger nozzle with quick connect, NPT connectors, quick connect adapter, and ½” straight barb fitting. All these tools come together to protect the kit from rust and making unwanted noise.

Whether it be a boat dock, ships, anchor chains, leisure decks, RVs, fish tanks, or beacon stations, this 12V pump is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to tackle every nook and cranny. Plus, it’s suitable for both saltwater and freshwater purposes.

Made of high-quality ABS engineering plastic, the pump’s body alongside other parts are tightly sealed to prevent water damage and corrosion. To add to this, the kit features a sealed pressure which enables the pump to work under intense pressure.

2. Jabsco 32605 Series Marine Washdown Pump Kit

Jabsco 32605 Series Marine Washdown Pump Kit

The second best washdown pump is the Jabsco 32605 Series kit. This 12V pump is great for regular use after each of your boating trips to keep your deck refreshed and brand-new.

This washdown pump is designed to have a huge cleaning capacity for boats of all sizes. It can reach up to a high-water pressure of 60 PSI and spray at a maximum speed of 4 gallons per minute, making it an incredibly powerful pump.

To extend on its power, the pump features a 3-chamber design which aids it to spray pressured water in an uninterrupted stream. As it’s suitable for regular use, the pump is self-priming and reaches up to 6’ from the water intake. This makes the pump work seamlessly under pressure.

Moreover, this pump is compact despite its ability to clean broad surfaces. Its size allows it to be easily installed and stored in convenient spaces.

As for working with small boats, the pump is integrated with ParMax4 which is compatible with ISO 8846. This means that it provides all-round protection from fires caused by gasses in boats. The motor alongside other sensitive parts are coated and sealed tightly with waterproof material for added protection.

Plus, it features a noise muffling ability which preserves the quiet ambience of the marine atmosphere.

3. OASIS MARINE Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit

OASIS MARINE Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit

As per consumer demand, coming in at number 3 on our list is the 12V wash pump kit from Oasis Marine. This is another option for heavy duty saltwater washdown pumps that are also multi-purpose.

From fresh to saltwater, this hardworking pump is suitable for many applications, including: fishing boats, yachts, ships, sailboats, dinghies, ski boats, and more. This makes the device the best saltwater washdown pump for multi-purpose applications.

The pump itself offers a high-water pressure of 70 PSI with a speed of 5.5 gallons per minute. With high pressure and high-speed working together, the pump is easily able to clean broad areas of any watercraft within seconds.

Another admirable quality about this pump is its diverse protection system. The pump is designed with a 5-chamber diaphragm of santoprene construction which makes it nearly indestructible.

It also features a thermal and ignition protection system that quickly detects overheating and automatically turns off the system to avoid accidents. The 25’ coiled hose is completely anti-UV, making the device safe to use in hot weather.

All in all, the protection system not only lets you clean your boat stress-free, but also lets you rely upon the device for a long time.

4. SEAFLO Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit

SEAFLO Washdown Deck Wash Pump Kit

To clear away any hidden grime in your boat’s deck, this SEAFLO washdown pump kit is equipped with a strength of 70 PSI pressure capacity. With this, the device is able to spray water at an incredible speed of 5 gallons per minute.

It’s also multipurpose, which means you can not only use it for your boat, but also anchor wells, caravans, fish boxes, and dinghies. Plus, it’s suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications.

In order to deliver the best results for both saltwater and freshwater environments, the kit features a 5-chamber positive displacement diaphragm with an integrated self-priming system. This also means that the device is able to run dry.

Even though it’s a professional grade pump, its simple assembly and on-demand switch makes it a breeze for beginners to use. All you need to do is squeeze the spray gun handle for the pump to turn on automatically.

Lastly, this kit is the best washdown pump for long term use. Its indefectible motor body paired with the integrated multi-step corrosion protection system aids longevity. Also, it features rubber mounting feet for rust resistance, a santorprene diaphragm for damage resistance, and a thermal overload protection system.

5. Trac Outdoors Portable Washdown Pump Kit

Trac Outdoors Portable Washdown Pump Kit

To wrap up our list for the best boat washdown pump is the Trac portable washdown pump kit. This is a fully submersible kit that has an intense water pressure of a whopping 100 PSI and a speed of 2 gallons per minute. So, if you’re still undecided on which heavy duty pump to get, this is the one.

The best thing about this device is that all you need to do is add water, the rest is fully on the pump itself. You can work with any water source using the input hose, whether it be from a lake, a river, or even a bucket. Then connect it straight to the pump and watch it spring to action.

Moreover, this pump is portable and compact. This means that you can carry it along with you for your boating trips and give your boat a quick rinse down whenever you like.

Made of well sourced and durable material, this is a professional and marine-grade washdown pump that delivers excellent service. It’s self-priming and comes with a number of features which enhance its longevity.

It can run dry and still protect the device against overheating and/or burning. This way, you can use the pump comfortably without worrying about refilling it on time. Plus, this also means that you can use it during hot weather.

Buying Guide

We’re almost towards the end of all that we’ve gathered for the best saltwater washdown pump. But, we can’t let you go without telling you which factors to look out for when looking for the perfect saltwater washdown device.

You should keep these points in mind to ensure you get the washdown pump you want –

High PSI

The higher the water pressure, the better. Not only does a high water pressure allow you to cover wide areas in a short time, but it also swiftly removes the stubborn grit and grime.

Unless you want to spend hours on deck trying to get rid of pesky dirt, we recommend picking a pump with a PSI rating of at least 60.


Although this may not seem like a big deal, it will save you from a bunch of headaches. A loud water pump can be a pain to work with because of its constant ruckus and the risk of noise complaints from neighbors or passersby.

To avoid a stressful cleaning routine, opt for a pump that makes little to no noise.

Durability and Protection

When you’re working with water, it’s crucial you have a pump that’s resistant against water damage. Thermal and ignition protection are common among all water pumps. What you should give more importance to is its rust resistance, and protection against oil and water damage.

Also keep a look out for pumps that have automated features such as auto-shut-off during overheating or self-priming. These are especially good for beginners and first-time users.


Checking the warranty is almost always overlooked. Since you’re getting a device, you should check the warranty of the product before purchase to ensure you can return it if you encounter a problem. This is especially important with water pumps as faulty ones can cause serious accidents.


Q: What is a saltwater washdown pump, and why do I need one?

A: A saltwater washdown pump is a specialized water pump designed for marine applications. It’s used to draw in saltwater and spray it for cleaning purposes on boats, docks, or other marine equipment. You need one to efficiently remove salt, dirt, and grime from your boat, fishing gear, or other marine equipment, ensuring their longevity and performance.

Q: Are electric or manual saltwater washdown pumps better?

A: The choice between electric and manual saltwater washdown pumps depends on your specific needs. Electric pumps are more convenient and provide consistent water flow, making them suitable for frequent use. Manual pumps are simpler and cost-effective but require physical effort to operate. Choose the one that aligns with your usage and vessel size.

Q: What is the ideal flow rate for a saltwater washdown pump?

A: The ideal flow rate depends on your boat’s size and intended use. For smaller boats, a flow rate of around 3-5 gallons per minute (GPM) may suffice. Larger vessels or those used for heavy-duty cleaning may require pumps with a higher flow rate, typically in the range of 5-10 GPM or more.

Q: How can I maintain and prolong the life of my saltwater washdown pump?

A: To maintain your saltwater washdown pump, regularly rinse it with fresh water after use to remove salt residue. Check for any signs of corrosion or damage and replace worn-out parts promptly. It’s also a good practice to install a strainer or filter to prevent debris from entering the pump, causing damage.

Q: Can I use a freshwater washdown pump for saltwater applications?

A: It’s not advisable to use a freshwater washdown pump for saltwater applications due to the risk of corrosion. Saltwater is highly corrosive, and using a pump not designed for it can lead to premature pump failure and potential damage to your boat’s plumbing system. Always choose a pump explicitly designed for saltwater use.

Q: Can I use a saltwater washdown pump for other purposes, like firefighting or emergency dewatering?

A: Some saltwater washdown pumps may have the capacity for emergency dewatering or firefighting, but it’s essential to check the pump’s specifications and ensure it meets the requirements for those applications. Dedicated firefighting or dewatering pumps are typically designed with specific features and capabilities.


To conclude, the best saltwater washdown pump is the one that’s best suited for your boat’s needs as well as your handling capability. If you’re new to water pumps, we highly suggest going for one with the most protection. As for experienced boaters, a professional, marine-grade pump will do the trick.

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