Standard Split Ring Size Chart And Brand Recommendations

Lure and baits are critical things for fishing, and for this, the act of making them more lively like actual fish is significant. And this task won’t be ideally without any firm and smooth connection for fishing connections. Yes, we are talking about a split ring that is an effective tool.

This is a small toll, but ensure the lure or baits can stay under saltwater or fresh water for a long time without any damage or risk of loss. And it performs the best to catch also targeted large-size fishes. They are effortless to change and change the lures or connection lines. It is more effective for a fishing time.

Today we will see the sizes of the split ring that help you to know what size can be perfect for your next fishing journey.

What are Split Rings?

Split rings are a standard tool to attach lures or baits to the leaders or hooks. They are corrosion-resistant and offer a smooth link for fishing connections. They are very easy and simple to change the lure, which is a significant fact for fishing time.

Split rings come in different materials, sizes, and weight. If you can get the right size depending on your lures and hooks or your style of fishing, the fishing will be a great experience.

Split rings are mainly complete out of annealed wire. This sort of wire is thick and won’t become crooked suddenly. So this type of ring tends to maintain its actual shape very well for a long time. For those features, split rings are trendy to most fishermen.

Shapes & Size Chart of Split Rings

The variable shapes of split rings are available in the recent market. Circle is more popular and will be seen significantly in fishing. They are ideal for clutching the hard body lures or baits onto a swivel to attach the hooks easily. Besides, you can see some oval shape split rings, and some are flat. They are also strong and good, but the round and circle shapes are the fishermen’s best choice.

What about the size? Basically, there are three sizes of split rings: small, medium, and large. It helps you to get the right size split rings as your requirements. You can select your split size from various types and the gap tolerance of the ring. If you want to ensure you don’t get a plier which is very large, that can overextend the ring. Many experts suggest selecting small or medium sizes for shallow fishing and a large ones for deep sea fishing.

Split Ring Size Chart

To get an ideal split ring size, you should know the thickness of the materials and the ring size. Below ring size chart will help you to determine how long you have to cut the metal in mm.

For instance, if you would like to select a size 6-split ring and you have an 18-gauge hook. Then you have to cut the material the right size to 54.7 mm long.

Suppose you don’t have a chart or split ring size, then you can do simple math to find out the right size of your ring. For this, you need to know the ring’s inner diameter and the thickness of the metal. Then you can use the following formula:

(Ring Inner Diameter + Thickness of metal) X 3.14

This formula helps you to get the perfect ring size quickly. Welcome to see the ring size chart!

Let’s check some split ring size charts that offer the different manufacturers!

Dr. Fish Heavy Duty Split Ring size chart:

Persei Stainless steel fishing split rings size chart for 5-10 mm diameter baits:

Shaddock Double heavy duty stainless steel split ring size chart for lure connectors:

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How to Choose and Use The Split Ring Size?

Before going to perfect split ring size, you must consider some important factors. See in detail:

Invest in a pair of split rings pliers:

Investing in a pair of split rings from a reliable brand is good. Cheap rings will bend easily and are responsible for the frustration of your project. Split ring pliers can be the best option as they can change quickly.

Get different sizes of split rings:

It is very significant to contest the split rings with trebles to the size you want to replace to catch the targeted fish better. Split rings start from the small size of 1 to 8, and they will hit each number in the middle. They are using size-2 split rings with a 3-treble, the means of it that the lure that you selected can’t swim properly in the sea.

Consider the split rings:

Split rings can be double or treble. The triple split ring will give you some extra wind of stainless steel with more fighting strength with the large fish. Double split rings are ideal for freshwater application, while treble split rings prefer saltwater.

Squeeze the split rings with the point of pliers:

When the ring opens, slide the fishhook’s ring eye into the blank space. The pliers can be used to replace your split ring nearby the fishhook until off. 

Exchange with the latest hook and troublesome rings:

Replace your old hook with the latest one and the dull and rust split rings with the new one. You should also change the lures and add the right size so that it can swim in water properly.

Add split rings with plugs:

A lot of lures come with split rings, but other rings can’t add split rings to plugs. If there have not added any split rings, you should add split rings with plugs that swim well, and it is easy to maintain and catch fish very quickly.

Final words!

Different manufacturers and brands offer various split ring size charts based on their unique products. So, you can choose any of the above charts or brands according to your fishing style and area. Finally, enjoy your new split rings with lures and catch more fish. 

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