A Complete Guide To Trout Fishing At Night With Secret Tips & Tricks

Trout fishing at night is really possible or not? Yes, possible but a little bit challenging. And we are here today to make this challenge easier for you who seek a perfect way of fishing for Trout at night.

Let’s talk about how to catch Trout golden fish at whatever it is, small or big.

PART-1: Know The Behavior Of Trout At Night

Trout fishing in the daytime is easy than at night. So, when you decide to go fishing at night, especially for Trout, you have to know Trout and their behavior after sunset. If you know them properly, even at night nature, fishing will be very easy for you.

Let’s know, Trout!

  • Do Trout Sleep At Night?

Trout must sleep but not like a human being for a long time. They just go for a short sleep. Sometimes they need to swim continuously when they stay in a river.

  • Do Trout come out after sunset?

When Trout become mature, they tend to hunt and feed, mostly even during the night. So, they come out to hunt for shiners, mice, and small fishes. That’s why night is the right time to target the big fish.

The big Trout comes out most of the time at night for hunting because it is a much easier and safer time. A big trout’s real killers are humans, bears, and even birds. So, moving into the shallow at daylight where the Trout may be seen often is a very dangerous area for the big Trout. But they feel safe to move those areas safely at night.

Of course, it is a great opportunity also for you, and you can get a good plan for fishing the big size Trout quickly.

  • Can Trout see at night?

Trout are the most important predator in their ecosystem and rely on eyesight. Though they don’t have any night vision, they have experience detecting movement plus seeing the outline.

According to the biologist’s study on lateral lines, trout try to detect vibration into the water. The lateral line plays a vital role in helping the Trout to get their target. So, though the Trout can’t see the lure, they can detect the hunter by vibrations.

  • Can Trout bite at dark?

You will be a wonder to know that Trout can bite better at dark than daylight. It is especially true for the Brown Trout. They can eat lure very actively during darkness.

Another thing is that it is very noticeable that in the summertime, trout tend to feed exclusively at night. And final fact trout bite at dark is that you can increase the odds of catching trophy size as the big size Trout is more active to bite into the darkness. And big brown Trout is more famous for being much active after sunset.      

PART-2: Good Time Of Night Fishing For Trout

Let’s start your night journey to catch a lot of golden Trout easily that maybe you can’t imagine. Here are the best-experienced tricks for you; following these tips, you can get more Trout within a very short time.  

  • Is trout fishing better in darkness?

Normally, trout fishing is not good at night. But the exception is that if you want to fish for big Trout, darkness is the best option. Yes, we have already known that the big trout trend bites small fishes at night.

  • What time is the best for trout fishing at night?

The best hour to target trout should be an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. So, if you target the middle of the night to fishing for Trout will be right. You just have to ensure that there is no traffic on the water body and that the area is quiet as possible.

  • What is the right place to fish for Trout at night?

Trout, particularly brown Trout, can move towards the shallow to track a bit. So, when you are going fishing at night, get a target on shallow water or bank your bait parallel to the coast. It will keep the lure into that hit zone for a longer time.

PART-3: What Lure Should Use For Trout Fishing

When you have got a clear concept about trout characters and how to fish Trout, now you can get ready to fish for Trout, finally.

This part will help you to select the lure and take the final steps.

  • Topwater Lures

Take a 7-inches brownie with 5-inches topwater spook where you can use a big-size lure.

Here are the best topwater lures that you can try:

  1. Spook: A spook is the best lure for night trout fishing as you can make many hubbubs on the water surface by twitching the rod tip creating the spook look like a smaller animal struggling into the water.
  2. Poppers: Another wonderful topwater lure that makes many splashing and movement at the surface.
  3. Mouse artificial: Small rodents are the most active lure at night. After that, it falls into the water in the darkness where the big Trout are waiting to create a meal out of them.
  • Spinning

Compared to topwater lures, spinners are the best for targeting big Trout into the deep water. If you try both lures, you can feel the difference between them.

  • Live Bait

Live bait is the best bait, without any doubt. When it moves around the water actively, there will be more chances to attract the Trout. It is an ideal triggering bait forever.

  • Minnows

Little minnows are also the best baits for night trout as they move actively and produce vibration under the water that attracts the Trout easily, even in darkness.  

  • Powerbait

Powerbait is also another great option. But ensure to get the bright color power bait like yellow. You can add some extra scent to trigger the Trout easily.

  • Worms

When you use worms at night, it needs to be live worms. Plus, hook the worm through one end to let them move around the water. This movement will attract the fish quickly.

  • Nightcrawlers

Nightscrawlers are the most effective for fishing trout at night than worms. The natural scent with the motion of nightcrawlers can draw the Trout’s attention very quicker and easier. 

  • Colors of lure

Since seeing the Trout at night is very difficult, you have to use a colorful lure. In this case, you can choose black, purple, yellow, and dark blue color lures.

  • Trout fishing with lights

You can use lights when you are fishing at night for speckled sea trout. The lights can attract the speckled Trout and also help to illuminate the baits or lures.

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PART-4: Tips For Night Fishing Trout

Here are some essential tips that you should follow when you are going to fishing trout at night.

  1. Use a headlamp instead of more highlighted lights because Trout won’t move to your baits if they see more lighting.
  2. Just scout out the fishing spot the day before going fishing at night.
  3. Add a stinger hook to the lures that help you to improve your hookup.
  4. Wearing a lifejacket is very important for you at night fishing trout.
  5. Keep all your valuable items in a waterproof bag like a smartphone or other electric device.

Final Words!

If you wish to try trout fishing at night, go somewhere well-known for having large Trout up to 20-inches. Use right lures that put off much more vibration or splash closer to the surface. Focus in shallow water close to the shore. And be careful more not to shine more lights in the spots where you are fishing Trout.    

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  1. I have been very successful fishing at night for trout. The crowd not many fish at night.I take lures and paint them up with glow in dark paint.I use to use a old cheap camera for a charge now use a tactical flash light with strobe in my hand charging lure then toss it in. Caught fish many of times and caught really large fish. Bait fishing using minnows work but don’t forget all predator types of fish not just trout.Powerbait with bright green or yellow with sparkles with glo bead works well .


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